33 Perfect Urban Photography Ideas & Handy Tips


Urban photography is one of the most enjoyable photo category. Going to the top of the mountains and taking pictures, catch bird’s eye photo squares with helicopter for tremendous photographs of a volcano, waiting for hours in the most suitable areas to attract a wild animal and more. You can think of how easy it is when you compare urban photography with these photography categories. Yes, it is true. But these photo shoots have some essential rules.

Essential Rules of the Urban Photography

It is inevitable that you capture snapshots in urban photography. When you walking around the street and your camera is in your hand, you look around for good frames. And good frames can appear at any time. For such situations, you need to have your camera ready. Do not use automatic mode. You may not have the time for manual adjustments like shutter speed and aperture. In this case, our lifesaver will be the P mode which is making adjustments fastly both aperture and shutter settings to the shot. You may experience difficulties with this mode in multi-motion images, but your work will be easy for other shots.

Do not try to take crowded people in your photos in urban photography. Some photo frames can be very good, but they are usually composed of ordinary photo frames. Photographs can be taken where 1 or 2 people are involved in the composition. Children photos on a plain floor can be very good. Or, of course, you can photograph old people. The coloring, composition and naturalness of the shots remain completely your creativity.

Colors are Matters!

Choose places where the colors are vibrant and bright. As you can take wide-angle photos, you can also focus on close-ups with narrow angles. Cars, shops, stops and more. It is also important to capture the time you can get the best color distribution.

Lightining and Weather Conditions

The best time for urban photography is when the sky has the golden color. Unlike these times, which are indispensable for landscape photographers, you can actually take photos at any time of day. In urban photography, especially shadows -open shaded areas – can be used. You can make different close focuses. When the sky is gray, you can continue shooting as much as possible without taking the sky. Different architectural constructions, narrow streets can provide easier play with light.For the night shots, you will have to make slightly more adjustments than a day shots. You can find here definetly useful tips about night shots for the urban photography.

Focus on Objects in Urban Photography

Every time you walk around the streets of the city there is a chaotic effect. If you do not focus on objects in urban photographs, you can get lost in the photo. In general, you can focus on the pieces instead of taking the whole picture in photo shoots.

Find Diffrent Angels

The shooting angle of the photographs is another important issue. The angle is well-tuned and you should find something different than ordinary photos. If you are photographing Brookly Bridge like everyone else from the same angle, you do not have to waste your time to push the shutter. You have to find different shooting angles.

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