25 Rustic Home Decor Ideas You Will Impressed


First of all, let’s start by explaining what rustic home decor is. “Rustic” means, literally, rural life, village life. At the same time, “rustic” also means roughly finished, not over-worked. It is also called rustic home decor, with less worked wood, wrought iron, collected wood pieces and natural stones.

Recently, the number of people who want to create a rustic atmosphere at home is increasing. For this you have to usually use wooden materials in your home and use brown and whites in different tones to match these materials. You should use the minimum number of covers possible and leave the dining table or the sofas as empty as possible. We recommend to use carpets or rugs in brown tones if necessary. It would also be quite rustic to dropping the ropes from the walls or to design your bookcase with the woven ropes.

Rustic Decoration in Kitchen!

Especially the kitchen holds a very important place for rustic decoration. You need to use wooden shelves instead of metal cabinets in your kitchen. The more you increase the shelf number, the better. You can choose a wide and deep sink. On your walls you can draw pictures of wild animals such as deer or bear. A large dining table and dining chairs in the form of a stool will also be nice.

What’s the Difference Between a Rustic Home Decor and a Country Home Decor?

It is actually rustic and the country is very similar to each other. After all, the main theme is the rural life and the wood is the most commonly used material in both.

The main feature that separates Rustic from the country is that everything is less ‘processed’ and natural. The same is true for preferred wood colors. In rustic home decor, the wood is close to its own shades of color. Because the painting process is simple, it is possible to see the texture of the tree and perhaps its flaws.

In addition, in rustic decor, since the creation of new furnitures from furniture materials that have lost their function is a frequently resorted method, the resulting look is older and used than the country decoration.

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